WAIKIKI ROOM - 11 x 17

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The Waikiki Room -  Could this be a relic from the hay-day of Tiki lounges?  Is this weathered flyer something that was found on the back shelf of a long forgotten cloak room?  We may never know.  What we do know is that the Waikiki room looks like the type of place we'd like to be right now.  Live Music, Tropical Drinks, Open Late ... Oh Tiki Gods transport us now!!! - This 11" x 17" vivid 1 color design, printed on heavy 80 weight paper, features high quality crisp lines and fine details.  Printed in Portland Oregon.  Each size offered is a common size.  So finding interesting frames for these should be easy.  Official RHDeluxe stamp on the back and hand signed by the artist.  The RHDeluxe watermark security feature will not be on your print.