About RHDeluxe


Read what fellow artists, from within the sphere of lowbrow culture, are saying about Rog Hudnut's Scooter Art.

  • Al Fresco - "RHD's straight ahead syncopated style illuminates a unique je ne sais quoi."
  • Jenna Tonik - "His lavish linework flaunts no aesthetic value whatsoever, yet its emotional melee entraps me."
  • Mike Oxlong - "He is a true lingua franca between classic lines and current vectors."
  • Helen Beck - "The essence of his creative juice exudes an impulsive perception."


 RHDeluxe - Lambretta at 2 Stroke Coffee in St. Johns Portland OR.
Parked out in front of 2 Stroke Coffee in the St. Johns neighborhood, North Portland.

Rog H. in his shed with his '65 S3 Li125, Portland Timbers F.C. scarf draped over the bars.  

RHDeluxe - Lambretta LI125 leg shield in the warm morning sunlight.  
A warm morning ride deserves a photo.

RHDeluxe - Lambretta in a field of yellow falls leaves.
Parked in a field of yellow fall leaves on the Reed College campus.

RHDeluxe.com is a complex cocktail of one graphic artist’s numerous chronic passions and pursuits – humbly served up for consumption by fellow 2 tone, two-wheeled, and Tiki enthusiasts. When he’s not loitering in an antique shop or up to his elbows in grease dissecting a vintage scooter, Rog’s brain can belch creativity like a wound up two-stroke clearing out the cylinder - so make sure to check back regularly to see what fresh rubber Rog has laid down across the underbelly of the art world.