About RHDeluxe

RHDeluxe.com is not only the culmination of Roger Hudnut's life as a graphic artist, but also as a lifelong connoisseur of all things lowbrow.

This PNW born vintage Italian scooter aficionado and junk yard hooligan has spent decades loading his creative palate with a myriad of influences - from bongo jazz, rockabilly, and surf guitar riffs to retro swank furniture, vintage esthetics, and, of course, lowbrow subculture art.

Rog blames artists such as Ed Roth, Von Dutch, George Trosley, Salvador Dalí, George Barris and Robert Williams for influencing his artistic predilections; as well as eagerly giving deference to Jack Davis and the iconic MAD Magazine.

This is not Rog's first run down the artistic drag strip. While he has done graphic design for various companies and websites, he's most proud of his collaboration with MunkTiki, who used his artwork to produce several mugs for their import line - two full sized Tiki mugs and six mini stackers. So the next time you find yourself unwinding with an inverted Tiki mug, know that the upended Polynesian-style receptacle in your hand could've been designed by Rog Hudnut. (And if you're not drinking out of a Tiki mug on a regular basis - shame on you.)

RHDeluxe.com is a complex cocktail of one graphic artist’s numerous chronic passions and pursuits – humbly served up for consumption by fellow 2 tone, two-wheeled, and Tiki enthusiasts. When he’s not loitering in an antique shop or up to his elbows in grease dissecting a vintage car, Rog’s brain can belch creativity like a wound up two-stroke clearing out the cylinder - so make sure to check back regularly to see what fresh rubber Rog has laid down in the underbelly of the art world.



Read what fellow artists, from within the sphere of lowbrow culture, are saying about Rog Hudnut's Subculture Art.

  • Al Fresco - RHD's straight ahead syncopated style illuminates a unique je ne sais quoi.
  • Jenna Tonik - His lavish linework flaunts no aesthetic value whatsoever, yet its emotional melee entraps me.
  • Mike Oxlong - He is the true lingua franca between classic lines and current vectors.
  • Helen Beck - The essence of his creative juice exudes an impulsive perception.