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RH Deluxe

NAGOYA JP. - 1957 HARLEY PAN HEAD - 11 x 17

NAGOYA JP. - 1957 HARLEY PAN HEAD - 11 x 17

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Nagoya Japan - Keeping old iron alive.  If you are a fan of vintage Milwaukee made VTwin thunder, then you should visit Nagoya.  Japans 3rd largest urban area is home to a wide variety of Vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles.  These bikes arent in museums or private collections.  No Way!! Their owners ride them hard and often, in all weather, proud to show off their skills and their bikes.  The sheer number of vintage Harley's in Japan is mind blowing and each one is as unique as its owner -  Perfect for your shack or mansion.  This 11" x 17" vivid design, printed on heavy 80 weight paper, features high quality crisp lines and fine details.  Printed in Portland Oregon.  Official RHDeluxe stamp on the back and hand signed by the artist.  The RHDeluxe watermark security feature will not be on your print.  Save 30% off while supplies last.

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