CENTURY 21 Worlds Fair Poster - 11 x 17

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Century 21 Worlds Fair poster-   This retro-styled poster captures a specific moment when the world was looking to the future.  The Worlds Fair was in Seattle Washington in 1962.  Technology and design were cutting edge and dreams of a sunny future were in the hearts of most folks.  This design is a 4 color print featuring some imagery from the Seattle Worlds fair.  Although this artwork might look familiar, it is 100% original artwork inspired by old pamphlets from the era, faithfully reproduced in a very large scale. - This 11" x 17" vivid design, printed on heavy 80 weight paper, features high quality crisp lines and fine details.  Printed in Portland Oregon.  Official RHDeluxe stamp on the back and hand signed by the artist.  The RHDeluxe watermark security feature will not be on your print.